Thursday, 10 May 2007


will be here shortly...

two stacks:
token stack
instruction stack

a characteristic instruction array

a calc processor which has
an operation array

an algorithm to handle the input file(s)

an algorithm to handle the output

an algorithm that reads the input lines
and parses them to tokens

an algorithm to check if the tokens are characteristic

an algorthm to initiate an instruction processing
an algorithm to process the rest of the instruction

process the instruction means parse it

an algorithm to post process the instruction
means convert it to the second language

there has to be a preprocessing to handle
var names conversion and special cases
such as ' ' etc...

post processor will return back from '€€€' to ' '

reduction can be used but it is not
obligatory for conversion...
complicates the printing of
original code lines...

something on this line will be coming here soon...
More detailed if you like...

Please feel free to contact me at
arsaral(at) if you are interested
or if you have anything to be converted...
I will do it easily and simply.