Tuesday, 21 April 2009

1-Writing JAVA Clients for Calling BEA WebLogic EJBs

This series of articles are about:

1- Writing a JAVA client for calling EJB’s located on WebLogic servers
2- Converting EJBs and JAVA Clients residing from JBOSS to WebLogic
3- Converting WEB applications calling WebLogic EJBs to JAVA clients(calling WebLogic EJBs)

Recently I tried successfully RoseIndia’s Introduction To Enterprise Java Bean(EJB) Tutorial for WebLogic
http://www.roseindia.net/javabeans/javabeans.shtml). I use Jdeveloper11g and WebLogic(10.3) witk JDK1.6, but when I run batch JAVA it is JDK1.5 which comes from ny JDeveloper10g. I could not deploy the sample ‘sessionbeans’ from the Jdev11g but I used the build with ant and created the example.jar successfully. My weblogic console does not work(even at the moment I have installed it), so I used WLST to deploy the three EJBs of the sessionbeans example of RoseINDIA. After deployment I could launch my webClient which sucessfully called the three EJBs as required.

Then, I began to work on the “Stateless Session Bean With Three Methods” of java2s.com at (
http://www.java2s.com/Code/Java/EJB3/StatelessSessionBeanWithThreeMethods.htm). I tried dearly to have it work but no way, it did not.

This series is a result of my 3-4 days work at the end of which I managed to hava a JAVA client work calling an EJB located on a WebLOGIC server. I will be carefull about giving every tiny detail, and the compact results of my researches in regards to various aspects of the issue in a step by step fashion… I will provide also the outputs for various cases related to the problem so that others will not lose time unproductively. The plateora of information related to different versions of WebLogic, existance of various Application Servers, various products coming from various Companies which are all a result of open systems philosophy causes a high level of complexity which can not be justified in any terms. After all JMS etc were simple to use facilities in mainframe systems such as CICS a couple of ten years ago…

Please feel free to contact arsaral [ at ] yahoo.com for further assistance.

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