Monday, 28 February 2011

Simple CRUD with JQuery

This tutorial will explain the construction of a simple CRUD
with vector based DAO using JQuery. This is the JQuery
version of my 'Simple CRUD Tutorial' at

The main screen is index.jsp

This screen has the new, save, delete, next, prev and list buttons. The list button is not functional at this moment. I will provide that in the near future.

Each button is linked to an event handler in the java script file JQmultiAJAXCalls.js

Each AJAX call triggers a corresponding URL of a servlet that are defined in the web.xml

Each servlet is defined in the source Packages.servletPackage

The underlying mechanism to be used as database is the Data Access Object. It is defined in the source Packages.daoPackage

The daoPackage uses the definition as record definition and it is located in the source Packages.mainPackage

The servlets use a utility program for processing escapes which resides in the source Packages.util. This program uses commons-lang...jar which has to be put on the classpath somewhere.

Once again, I will provide the list and select Row in an other tutorial. I will provide the related source codes with the same explanation above at the required points. The source code is complete and working...

Kind regards.

Ali R+