Monday, 4 May 2009

1-How to Develop Bean-Managed-Persistence Entity Beans

This article is about how I managed to build BMP Entity Beans using the Developing Bean-Managed Persistence Entity Beans example of tinptB ‘s Blog: EJB in 21 Days:
I appreciate her excellent English, which makes a soothing effect while trying to break through difficulties.

First, I will include Mr. tinptb ‘s example here, and then analyze it a little bit. Afterwards, I will talk about the difficulties that I have met. At the end, I will provide full source and procedures necessary to have the Entity Bean run with Jdeveloper 11g, WebLogic10.3, wlfullclient5, apache-ant-1.7.1 and mysql-essential-5.1.30-win32, mysql-connector-java-5.0.8 and Toad for MySQL 4.1 Freeware.

The program has some basic structural formations.
1- The parts related to Entity Beans.
2- DAO related parts.
3- Data Source related parts.

Mr. ‘s web page Day 10 of EJB in 21 Days explains excellently the applicaion domain and his software engineering approach to the problem. Please read Day 10 before you continue this page.