Thursday, 21 May 2009

1-How to Develop Message-Driven Beans

This article is about how I managed to build MDB Beans using the Developing Message-Driven Beans example of tinptB ‘s Blog: EJB in 21 Days: I appreciate her excellent English, which makes a soothing effect while trying to break through difficulties.

TINPTB’s work for the 14th Day misses a number of items which he did not even mention. It misses the Order bean of which name must be changed to OrderXXX because it gets mixed with a key word. It misses the as in te previous examples. It misses the OrderVerifierMDB completely although TINPTB describes it throughly. The procedures to setup the JMS and Topic belong to an older version of WebLogic. I will provide the data to setup WebLogic 10.3. I will also provide the ANT task to create the EJBs to be deployed. Please feel free to contact me at arsaral (at) for further assistance.

Without any further aloboration, follows my solution below full and completely working with: Jdeveloper 11g – (only the client not the deployment), WebLogic10.3, wlfullclient5, apache-ant-1.7.1 and mysql-essential-5.1.30-win32, mysql-connector-java-5.0.8 and Toad for MySQL 4.1 Freeware.

The directories and files:

MDBentity includes
Mdbex……… wlfullclient5.jar…. MDBent.jar

Mdbex includes
(XXX is a wildcard)

META-INF includes