Tuesday, 17 March 2015

HOW TO implement the SmoothProgressBar example

SmoothProgressBar HOW TO notes


1- Download the zip file from https://github.com/castorflex/SmoothProgressBar
2- Create a new workspace with Eclipse.
3- Copy the zip file into the workspace and unzip.
4- Import the android as below.
5- There are two main project names with the name ‘Main’.  If you try you will
get error message saying that there is already a project names  ‘Main’.  The
solution is:  We will first open only two not three projecst and then add the
 resources and source files of the third manually.

6- With two projects, it gives the below error message.  The mainactivity can not
find some resources related to the circular progress bar includes.

7- Add manually the resources of the circular progres bar and clean the project. 
The styles mistake got corrected. 

 8- But still continues the R not found error. 
Import uk.co.senab.smoothprogresbar.library.R;  so that the JAVA programs that
use the resources we have added can see them.

9- The program compiles but does not work when deployed.  Because I forgot
to move the JAVA lib contents to the src lib at the MainActivity project that
uses the smoothprogresbar lib.

10- It repeated the resource error again.  It could not see general resources: R.dimen, R.color, R.integer.   I had added the
This may help in some cases but the solution to the current one was:
I added this to the top of AndroidManifest.xml file.  All the general res items are
Accessed through this.

11- Resource errors are cleaned but:  Minimum version errors appear.
Change  AndroidManifest.xml file  and add
<uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="14"  android:targetSdkVersion="21"/>