Thursday, 19 November 2015

LANGANA - English Language Sentence Patterns Including INFINITIVES

Everyone wanted to go. (---------------HERKES GİTMEYİ İSTEDİ.
We must learn to sing.
He refuses to look.
We must study to learn.
Most students plan to study.
We began to learn.
They offered to pay.
They neglected to pay.
She promised to return.
We intended to leave early.
Trent expected to win.
Brenda likes to drive fast.
He wants to learn.

We must learn to sing a song. (-------------BİR ŞARKI SÖYLEMEYİ ÖĞRENMEK ZORUNDAYIZ.
I forgot to close the window.
I asked to see the records.

She always brings a book to read. (--------- O OKUMAK İÇİN BİR KİTABI HERZAMAN GETİRİR.
Richard waited the night to study.
He lacked the strength to resist.
He bought some flowers to give to his wife.

Phil tried to give me a gift. (-------------- PHILL BİR HEDİYEYİ BANA VERMEYE ÇALIŞTI.
Phil agreed to give me a ride.
Phil tried to give the teacher a gift.

He forgot to help to me to talk. (------------- O KONUŞMAK İÇİN BANA YARDIM ETMEYİ UNUTTU.  DOUBLE INFINITIVE PHRASE
He forgot to help to me to speak English.
He forgot to help the student to study his book.

I have a paper to write before class.(----------BEN DERSTEN ÖNCE YAZMAK İÇİN BİR MAKALEYE SAHİP OLURUM.
Their fathers advise them to study. (------------ BABALARI ÇALIŞMAK İÇİN ONLARA TAVSİYE VERDİ.
Trent expected his group to win. (---------------TRENT KAZANMAK İÇİN ONUN GRUBUNU BEKLEDİ.  ~~~~

She came to the city to look for work. (------------- İŞ İÇİN BAKMAYA ŞEHİRE GELDİ.  for usage
I went to Spain to study the language. (------------- DİLİ ÇALIŞMAK İÇİN İSPANYA'YA GİTTİ.
He gave me the ability to understand science. (---------------O BİLİMİ ANLAMAK İÇİN YETENEĞİ BANA VERDİ.
She organized a boycott to make a statement.

He reminded me to buy milk. (-----------------O SÜT ALMAK İÇİN BANA HATIRLATTI.
They asked me to bring some food.
We need someone to help us. (--------------BİZ BİZE YARDIM ETMEK İÇİN BİRİSİNE İHTİYAÇ DUYARIZ.
She forced the defendant to admit the truth.
I invite you to consider the evidence.
My colleague asked me to send a fax to the customer.
You have convinced the director of the program to change her position.
She persuaded him to have lunch with her.
They helped their neighbour to fix his car.
He told his assistant to send the parcel.

Phil helped the student to pass the exam. (---------------PHILL SINAVI GEÇMEK İÇİN ÖĞRENCİYE YARDIM ETTİ.
Phill told the teacher to give me a gift.
Brenda likes her friend to drive fast.
I asked him to show me the records.

He helped the teacher to teach science to students. (---------------O ÖĞRENCİLERE BİLİM ÖĞRETMEK İÇİN ÖĞRETMENE YARDIMCI OLDU.
He helped me to teach science to them.
My boss told me to do the reports before Friday.

Phil helped the student to give the teacher a gift (---------------O ÖĞRETMENE BİR HEDİYE VERMEK İÇİN ÖĞRENCİYE YARDIM ETTİ.
Phil told the student to give the teacher a gift.
She asked me to give her some advice.

To study music, we must learn the rules. (------------ÖĞRENMEK İÇİN KURALLARI ÖĞRENMEK ZORUNDAYIZ.----INFINITIVE PHRASE

To wait seemed foolish when decisive action was required. (--------------WHEN CLAUSE NOT IMPLEMENTED YET

To study is my teacher's love. (--------------ÇALIŞMAK ÖĞRETMENİMİN AŞKIDIR.
To study begins with patience.

I was happy to help them.  (--------------- ETC and EXCEPTIONS
She will be delighted to see you.
One strategy was to compare the rates of illness.
It is not enough to succeed.
It is insufficient to produce the disease.
To study is simple.
To study is my teacher's love.
To wait seemed foolish.
To learn is important.
His ambition is to fly.
We must study to be successful.
Why are they encouraged to learn English?
The most important thing is to learn.
Everyone wanted Carol to be the captain of the team.

Tom wanted me to help him prepare his presentation.  -----------------------------INFINITIVE WITHOUT TO NOT IMPLEMENTED YET
Phill gave the book.
Phill gave the teacher the book.
Phill gave me the book.